Venancio - Full Size 6 Trays Gas Combi Oven - Digital Controls, Recipes - WIFI - TCO6G

Venancio USA


We developed this oven according to customer needs, and may contain 6,7,10 or 12 trays to 1/1 Gn’s, suitable for restaurants and kitchens of all sizes, providing you with increased productivity and autonomy due to its easy control and great performance.

The oven stand is an optional item, it has a maximum capacity of 9 trays.

- Curved double glass door – No more burns and energy losses.
- Unique cooking chamber surface – Longer lifetime, more hygienic.
- 2 speed fan, with auto reverse system – Controlled evenness.
- Hot air 30–260 °C / 86-500 ºF
- Combination 30–260 °C / 86-500 ºF
- Steaming 30–130 °C / 86-266 ºF
- Overnight cooking /baking – Saves time and money. Minimises weight loss of food.
- Rack timing - Different products cooked at once resulting in time and energy savings.
- Regeneration/banqueting – Cook, chill and regenerate to serve more at once.
- Delta T cooking/baking – Excellent uniformity with big food chunks.
- Low temperature roasting – Less weight loss, better taste.
- Cook & Hold – Time savings in the kitchen, faster service.
- Golden Touch – Controlled finishing for golden-brown crispy excellence.
- Massive door handle – Comfortable and safe handling.
- Hand shower – Easy cleaning, no fighting with winding up.
- 4-point core probe- Safe core temperature control.
- Bi-directional fan – Excellent cooking and baking evenness.
- Fan Stop – Prevents scalding when the door is opened quickly.
- AISI 304 stainless steel – No corrosion risks.
- Perfect halogen illumination – Precise visual control.
- Removable door gasket seal – Easy maintenance.
- Flat control panel – No broken mechanical knobs and buttons any more.
- Automatic start – Helps to reduce idle time and saves your time.
- Learn function – Improves cooking standards every time.
- LAN interface – Saves your time and performs monitoring with data management.
- Safety door opening in two steps – decreases the risk of steam scalding.
- Advanced boiler system – Ongoing cooking to deliver the best results in time for the diners.

- Automatic preheating/cooling – Compensates loading temperature drops.
- One year limited warranty, parts and labor. plus one more year with authorized instalation and training.

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