Bakers Pride GS-805 - Gas Deck Oven - SUPERDeck Series 53"


This Bakers Pride Gas Deck Oven - SUPERDeck Series 53" [GS-805] is designed specifically for baking. Its 8" deck contributes to its superior ability to bake well. Furthermore this unit is designed for convenience. Not only does it ensure evenly baked delicious goods, it is also very easy to clean. Lastly, to maximize the amount of space in your kitchen, keep in mind that these units are stackable, as up to three units can be placed on top of each other.
Length 53.5 " x Width 43 " x 55 " 
Weight 950 lbs 
BTU 60,000
Throttling Thermostat Range 300°F - 650°F
30" High Legs 

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