Imperial - PCVE-1 - Single Full Size Electric Convection Oven

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Imperial PCVE-1 Description

Designed to hold full-size pans on five racks, the Imperial PCVE-1 single-deck convection oven has a standard depth; this isn't as deep as bakery-depth options, so it only holds pans in side-to-side positions. The pan racks are adjustable on a 10-position guide. Porcelainized to streamline cleaning, the chamber promotes product browning. Its fan moves heat evenly throughout the oven, speeding up cooking to promote production, and it recirculates hot air to minimize energy consumption.

The stainless steel exterior of this Imperial PCVE-1 electric convection oven resists rusting, denting, and scratching. Its doors are dependent, so they open at the same time with a single handle for one-handed access. For clear pan loading, the doors open to 130 degrees, and the large window lets users monitor cooking food.

Product Details

  • 1 deck
  • Standard interior depth
  • 5 oven racks with 10-position guide
  • Porcelainized chamber for efficient food browning and streamlined cleaning
  • 2 interior oven lights
  • Manual controls for temperature and time
  • 2-speed, 12-HP fan motor
  • Airflow pattern heats the inner and outer oven chamber surfaces simultaneously
  • Recirculates hot air for efficiency and energy savings
  • Stainless steel exterior front, doors, top, sides, and legs

Sturdy Door System

  • 60/40 dependent doors are made to open simultaneously
  • Single handle for 1-handed opening
  • Handle is secured to internal stainless steel chassis, instead of exterior finish
  • 130-degree door swing for clear loading
  • Large interior viewing window
  • Prevents damaging side-to-side shaft movement
  • Effective door pressure locking
  • Double top and bottom bearings
  • Fortified door chassis withstands repeated opening and closing

Dimensions & Utilities

  • 38 in. W x 4112 in. D x 64 in. H
  • 27 A, 11 kW
  • 240 V/50-60 Hz/3 ph

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