Vulcan - 1ER50A - 50lbs Electric Fryer


This Vulcan 1ER50A-1 freestanding electric fryer features 17-kilowatt ribbon-style heating elements that can generate and maintain temperatures from 200 to 390 degrees Fahrenheit within 2 degrees of accuracy. Because its burners are submerged, it transfers and recovers heat more efficiently than gas-powered fryers. Operators can adjust temperatures with the solid-state analog control knob, and its multiple fat-melt cycles can streamline liquifying solid shortening. To protect against damage, it's built with a high-limit control. A 114-inch full-port ball-type drain valve is built into this fryer to streamline expulsion of used oil.

The Vulcan 1ER50A-1 floor model fryer's 16-gauge stainless steel vat accommodates 50 pounds of oil to suit low- and medium-volume applications. The included twin fry baskets can both fit in the fry tank at one time to secure foods in place, and their plastic-coated handles can protect users from injury. This 1512-inch-wide by 3438-inch-deep by 39716-inch-tall stainless steel unit resists rust, corrosion, warps, and dents to endure frequent use, and its four 6-inch legs can be modified to level on irregular flooring.

Product Details

  • 50-lb. oil capacity
  • 1 frypot
  • 2 twin baskets with plastic-coated handles
  • 17-kW ribbon-style heating elements
  • Solid-state analog control knob
  • Temperature: 200-390 degrees F
  • Multiple fat-melt cycles
  • High-limit control
  • 16-ga. stainless steel fry tank
  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • (4) 6-in. adjustable legs
  • 3534-in. working height

Dimensions & Utilities

  • 1512 in. W x 3438 in. D x 39716 in. H
  • 47 A, 17 kW
  • 208 V/50/60 Hz/3 ph
  • 114-in. full-port ball-type drain valve

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